Turning ideas into reality

Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

The Kingswood 2020 Strategic Plan laid out an ambitious and exciting plan to transform the way we teach at Kingswood, and what measures we can put in place to truly educate our pupils for life. It’s from this plan and vision that the ICE Centre was established this year.

The Kingswood ICE Centre (read more about ICE here) is where ideas are turned into reality. Through it, we hope to begin to transform the learning experience for our pupils and staff by introducing interactive learning tools to allow teachers to approach their work in innovative ways that open up new avenues of skill development for our pupils.

The facility:

A space that truly reflects the Educating for Life promise, it’s a space where pupils and staff can connect, create and innovate, and bring the ICE initiatives and Leadership programmes to life.

Learn more about ICE

Learn more about the Leadership Institute

The facility will also accommodate a range of technologies and learning spaces, which will include robotics, engineering, 3D printing, laser cutting, music recording, broadcasting and video editing, as well as leadership and entrepreneurship short courses and workshops.


The ICE Centre is the home to Kingswood’s broadcasting space, where our newest initiative KC Live (powered by DigiTV) operates from. This exciting programme sees pupils delving into the world of video production, editing and publishing, as they actively participate in the running of Kingswood’s new live streaming channel. To view the KC Live channel please click here