Character Building Curriculum

Grade Topics Activity Kingswood Pupils Are

Character Building Curriculum


Grade000 If you’re happy and you know it Draw my body – name the parts Happy being me Cheerful
Grade00 This little light of mine – I’m going to let it shine Draw my body – speak about finger prints – I am unique Celebrate being me Creative and innovative
Grade R I can be kind I can say thank you Draw my hands and feet, march to the drum 5 things I can do to be kind Kind and courageous


1 What are emotions? Happy, sad, worried, scared, angry Emotionally Intelligent
2 What I love about myself Make paper chains of positive attributes Able to show gratitude
3 Fruits of the Spirit Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfullness, self-control Responsible and honest
4 Well-being SMSPE Growth mindset activities Resilient Growth mindset thinkers
5 Motivation for success Goal setting Failing forward Lantern swinger Motivated and selfdisciplined
6 Conflict management Am I an owl, shark, tortoise, fox or bear? Assertive
7 Growing your grit Positive psychology 8 to be great Grity


8 The truth about substances Drugs, sex and alcohol Integrity filled
9 Valuing and embracing diversity Check my privilege, power, status Am I ‘woke’ Environmental focus Respectful (including to the environment) and adaptable
10 Who am I? Identity versus role confusion Word, emblem, mantra Confident
11 Leadership skills Communication, assertiveness, decision making/problem solving, conflict management, goal setting and team work, stress management Resourceful
12 Basic counselling skills Counselling toolkit Empathetic / compassionate


13 Self-actualisation Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Interdependent and self-regulating