Ben is a conscientious student who always goes the extra mile.  He is not satisfied with handing in mediocre work and his work is always of a high standard.  This level of excellence reflects his work ethic and academic drive.  He is not happy to cost along in his comfort zone, but constantly pushes himself whether this be in preparation for a test or other tasks.

Ben has an innate ability to not only look out for himself, but he is constantly helping others to achieve their full potential as well.  His constant drive to achieve more is an integral part of his success in the academic realm and this quality has spilled out of the classroom and helped him to succeed in multiple areas of the school.

Ben is a model student and has been described by his teachers as a “pleasure to teach”.  He is extremely dedicated towards his academics and always ensures that he fully digests any material that is presented to him.  He consistently applies himself to the highest level and his personal motivation to achieve is praiseworthy.  Ben’s continuous strive for excellence in the classroom has rubbed off onto his peers and serves as an example of an individual who gives of his best in every aspect of his scholastic career.

It is with all this in mind that Kingswood awards Ben Honours for Academics.