Life-long learning

Educating for life and 'ICE'

At Kingswood College, we create an environment that aims to foster the building of a strong foundation for lifelong learning through the promotion of a positive learning environment – one that stimulates the creation of enthusiasm for learning. With the aim of Educating for Life we have introduced ICE (Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship) which is infused through all our learning areas. Through ICE we develop skills in young Kingswoodians, which gives them the capacity to think on their feet, to be creative in the moment and to fully embrace the notion of lifelong learning. The introduction of Robotics into our Grade 8 and 9 curriculum is part of this process. Outdoor education activities remain an important and fundamental component of the philosophy of the College.

Kingswood College follows the National Curriculum in both the General Education and Training (GET) and Further Education and Training (FET) phases, administered and examined by the IEB. Policies put forward by the Department of Education through documents such as CAPS and NCS must be adhered to, as prescribed by the Assessment Specialists and documents issued by the IEB.

Kingswood College is committed to providing a world-class educational environment and our academic priority is to ensure that all pupils develop skills that will position them to thrive in the post-school learning and working environment. Educating for Life underpins all that we do at Kingswood College.

Learning Support and academic extension

At Kingswood College, we believe that a critical component to the success of our pupils lies in the joint effort of a multidisciplinary team, which typically includes the class teacher and where applicable a remedial therapist, an occupational therapist, speech-and-language therapist and/or psychotherapist.

The Kingswood Learning Support and Development team consists of both contracted and private practitioners (who function independently of the school), all of whom have rooms on campus to best assist our pupils.

Current services are:

  • Individual counselling (Psychotherapy): Senior Pupils
  • Educational Psychology: Senior Pupils
  • Remedial: Junior Pupils
  • Grade 9 high-level Psychometric Testing

Additional extras*

  • Educational Assessments/Evaluations
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

*Additional cost. Professionals all have rooms on campus