Medical care

The College San

The Kingswood Sanatorium (San) is located centrally on campus and offers medical care, advice and support to all our pupils. The San is open every day of the week and, while there are set clinic times, is always on call for emergencies, as is the School Doctor.

The sanatorium is staffed by two Registered Nurses (one living on-site) during term time, and GP visits are held every weekday morning by the School Doctor. The School Doctor is also a specialist Sports Physician.


The San has a number of visiting specialists that pupils have access to, including two physiotherapists and a biokineticist, who run relevant clinics at Kingswood.

Impact Concussion Tests are run in conjunction with a Rhodes University Sports Psychologist, and are available to all pupils who participate in school sports (particularly contact sports such as Rugby).

Referrals to other specialists and health professionals outside of the school can also be arranged by the nursing staff on behalf of a pupil.


Senior pupils also have access to the services of resident Educational Psychologist Teresa Yell, who is also the school’s counselling psychologist, through the San.

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