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Founded on the 14 March 1902, the Old Kingswoodian Club has been the home Kingswoodians and Friends of Kingswood for over 100 years. As was then, the vision of the club is connection, and family.

Kingswoodian, welcome home.

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The Kingswood community is friendly and sociable. We work hard to make everyone feel welcome, whether you come regularly to events or this is your first one…

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Keep up to date with all the latest Kingswood College news and announcement from Old Kingswoodians.

Our Alumni: The OK Club

The Old Kingswoodian Club (OK Club), formed on 14 March 1902, is the original organisation for former Kingswood pupils and is under the umbrella of the Kingswoodian Club.

As most old Kingswoodians (OKs) will tell you, a strong connection with the School remains long after they’ve moved on into adult life. The close friendships formed in the classroom, in our Houses and on the sports fields, often last a lifetime. The OK Club brings us all, across generations, together to share memories, fun, experience and support.

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Alumni & Friends of Kingswood

The Kingswoodian Club is the umbrella association for the broader Kingswood community, including not just Alumni, but past members of staff, parents, council members and invited friend of the College. All Alumni are automatically given life membership to the Kingswoodian Club on matriculating from Kingswood, as are their parents.

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Kingswood is nothing without the people make up our extended family but the value of keeping in touch with us is also, of course, symbiotic.

We love to keep up with your careers and life changes, but we also want you to be successful. Through networking events we hope to connect you to other Kingswoodians who could help you build your career, or maybe it’s about getting a personal recommendation or endorsement from staff. 

As the Kingswood community continues to grow, that growth brings valuable connections within the community and beyond. Be part of this with us!

Jubilee Pathway
The Jubilee Pathway, which runs from Burton Street to the entrance of School House, is a tribute to all Kingswoodians who have contributed towards the richness of our amazing school. Purchase a brick today, and leave your mark.
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Leave A Bequest
Since its foundation, Kingswood has benefited enormously from the generosity of Old Kingswoodians and friends who have generously left gifts to the school in their wills. Click here to find out the tax benefits of legacy giving.
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