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Time – Ben Maposa

At the Senior School Prizegiving held last week, our Headboy for 2019, Ben Maposa addressed the school: “Good afternoon all. Greetings to Mrs Hornby, Chair of the Kingswood Council, Mr & Mrs Collier, Mr & Mrs Vorster, to the respective heads, Councillors, invited guests, parents, staff and fellow Kingswoodians. I truly appreciate being given this time…






We are listening.

To our pupils, to our parents, to our community.  Allegations have been made, voices have been heard.  The school has been facilitating talks with all pupils, staff, concerned parents, and have worked tirelessly the past few days to ensure that we do this right. Not for Kingswood, but for our pupils.  In the last few…


K-Day 2019 Reunion: Class of 1989

Deanne Bouwer (nee Behm) did a sterling job getting her class together for their 30th reunion. A great time was had by this happy band of “1989 ers”. They did there level best to keep up with the pace set by the youngsters from the 1999 and 2009 groups and certainly coped admirably. Much has…


K-Day 2019 Reunion: Class of 1999

A memorable 20th reunion of the Class of 1999 took place on K-Day Weekend. This is an amazing group of OKs who simply carried on where they had left off in 1999. Boarding house tales were re-lived, sports results were debated and many a story was told late into the night – a bit embellished…


K-Day 2019 Reunion: Class of 2009

Head Prefects Gill and Brandon Handley did an amazing job “rallying the troops” for this really special 10-year reunion that took place on K-Day weekend. The support was really good – in fact one of the better turnouts that we have had for a 10-year reunion. Those attending really enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations and apart…


Golf Day : Port Elizabeth

The annual Port Elizabeth Golf day will take place on Friday 15 February 2019. OKs, parents and past parents are all invited to enter and please bring your golfing friends along. If you are not a golfer you are encouraged to join us for a few refreshments after the golf.