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Kingswood Hockey vs QGHS

Kingswood girls hockey travelled to Queenstown to play against QGHS in what was a both enjoyable and successful set of hockey fixtures overall. Kingswood played 6 matches winning 3 losing 2 and drawing 1 in what proved to be a competitive day overall. The Kingswood 1st girls hockey display proved highly entertaining with Kingswood walking…


K-Day Netball

K-Day 2019 1st Team Match Report Friday 14 July 2019 was the long awaited day where Kingswood College Netball were to play against DSG Netball at an annual K-Day Derby.    The HPC was buzzing with excitement, spectators booked seats hours before the match started, and waited in anticipation to watch the 1st team game as…


K-Day Sqaush

The eagerly anticipated K-Day squash matchups between Kingswood College, DSG and St Andrew’s College took place on Monday the 10th of June. Squash players tend to be involved in other sports hence the early start to the K-Day week and this year was no exception with a number of players competing in three sports during…