Discovering and nurturing new abilities

At Kingswood Junior, learning outside the classroom is as important as the learning that takes place inside the classroom. Our goal is to have every pupil be part of a team and to play a variety of different sports throughout the year. We believe that taking part in sport is not just for its health and fitness benefits, but also helps to foster discipline, independence, determination, camaraderie and teamwork in each pupil.

Educating for life

We believe that sport is an integral part of our philosophy of Educating for Life. We want to provide our pupils with the opportunity to play a number of sports all year round, thereby ensuring that they receive an education that addresses mind, body and spirit. Some of our main objectives include:

  • Focusing on developing appropriate skills at the appropriate age
  • Improving and developing skills for a specific sport with a long-term view of progression
  • Providing pupils with the  opportunity to learn the rules and strategies for a variety of games and activities
  • Striving to make sport FUN

Some of our pupils are fortunate enough to attend various festivals and embark on several sports tours throughout the year, eg. The U13 Prep Schools Cricket Festival (February), the U11A Cricket Tour to Knysna (October), the Kingswood U13 Water Polo (November) and Hockey (March) Festivals, the U13 Independent Schools’ Rugby Festival (July), the U13 Kingswood Sports Tour (July), to mention but a few.

Kingswood College boasts an array of top-class sports facilities, including a Swimming and Water Polo pool, an Astroturf and a Rugby/Cricket field all floodlit, and an indoor High-Performance Centre with gym.

Sports on offer at each level:


  • Boys: Swimming / Tennis / Athletics / Cricket / Rugby / Hockey
  • Girls: Swimming / Tennis / Athletics / Hockey / Netball
  • Optional activities: *Horse riding, *Dance (*extra tuition charged for private lessons) 

Senior Primary

  • Boys Swimming / Tennis / Athletics / Cricket / Rugby / Hockey
  • Girls Swimming / Tennis / Athletics / Hockey / Netball / Water Polo (Grades 4-7)
  • Optional activities:  *Horse riding, *Dance, Squash (*extra tuition charged for private lessons)