Welcome to Kingswood Junior

Junior School Head's welcome

Our curriculum is well researched, relevant and varied, and our committed and well-qualified staff make learning interesting, by enriching and stimulating the young minds in their care. While we see that there is still a place for traditional subjects, we recognise that the scope of learning needs to be wider and as a result subjects like French, Design Technology, Robotics, Coding, Music and Computer Technology, are also offered in various forms.

James Hough, Head: Junior School

Welcome to the Kingswood College Junior School! Home to approximately 300 girls and boys, including 40 from our Pre-Primary classes. Our pupils learn, play and explore in a challenging and stimulating environment where they are urged to question, strategize, problem solve and debate topics of interest. The Junior School provides an environment where everyone is treated with respect and care and where each child is recognised for who they are. We recognise their uniqueness and with that in mind the many activities on offer cater for these varying interests. We have a thorough sporting and cultural programme that runs alongside our broad-based curriculum. Most importantly, however, we allow our pupils to be children and strive to create a space where they will flourish and reach their full potential.

The Music programme, in particular aims to excite and engage the minds of our young pupils. All are involved in some way, participating in either the class music programme, the choirs, ensembles, bands or marimbas.

We want our pupils to excel and reach their full potential, and in doing so we encourage and nurture their strong suits in order to help them be the best that they can be. We help develop character, confidence and self-belief in everyone and provide a platform and the necessary building blocks that all our pupils require in order to meet the exciting challenges of Senior School.

Our boarding programme has a proven track record and the Housepersons, Matrons and Student Assistants continue to ensure that a happy, busy, ‘home away from home’ environment is cultivated and maintained.

As you navigate your way around this website take some time to consider the sheer scope of the activities on offer and how your son or daughter could flourish and grow in this stimulating environment.

Click here to arrange a tour of our wonderful campus should you be interested in a visit.

Mr James Hough
Head: Junior School