Beyond the classroom

Outdoor activities and excursions

At Kingswood Junior we strongly believe that learning should not be limited to the confines of a classroom. We believe that a great deal of learning takes place outside of the classroom walls and that with this belief in mind, we offer numerous outdoor based activities to support our core curriculum.

Learning in this way is not only a more interactive and proactive way to learn, but it is also a fun way to learn for our pupils. Our outings and over-night stays extend learning beyond the classroom, and offer our pupils a wide range of experiences that they may not normally have access to, or be exposed to. These include input from various experts in their fields, excursions to museums, Scifest, nearby farms, game and nature reserves, and coastal areas.

Our environmental and outdoor education programme is structured in such a way to introduce pupils to as many different learning experiences and situations as possible, including the development of life skills, such as – team building, leadership development, activities, and cultural aspects. The various outings include:

  • Thomas Baines Outdoor Education Centre
  • Boknes Outdoor Education Centre
  • African Imprint Outdoor Centre on the Sunday’s River
  • Hobbiton-on-Hogsback
  • Tiffendell Ski Resort

A Leadership Development Course for Grade 7 at ‘Die Lapa’ outside Somerset East.