About Us

Kingswood College is a friendly, welcoming place with a strong sense of family. As one of South Africa’s leading independent, co-educational schools, we welcome boys and girls from all over the world as boarders and day pupils from Grade 000 in Pre-Primary to Grade 12.

Located in the heart of the Eastern Cape, Kingswood boasts some of the country’s finest academic, music, boarding and sporting facilities that are enhanced by our varied programme of co-curricular activities, clubs and societies, lifetime sports, spiritual guidance, and cultural events that enrich the lives of all our pupils.

Our beautiful 130 year old  campus and our rich Methodist tradition make it more than just a school, but a home where all belong.

Purpose, Promise & Beliefs

Our Christian ethos, common purpose and beliefs are the cornerstone of our educational philosophy at Kingswood College.


To empower students to reach as much of their potential as possible, both academically and personally, by providing a comprehensive, well-rounded education in a joyous, Christian environment. We are committed to nurturing moral, intellectual and civic virtues, preparing our students to become responsible, informed and engaged citizens of the global community, with a passion for lifelong learning.


Our beliefs are the cornerstone of our educational philosophy at Kingswood College:

We believe that education is a powerful tool for personal and societal transformation, based on the intellectual virtues of critical thinking, curiosity, discipline, independence and resourcefulness. A Christian ethos is the bedrock of our character development programme in which we promote the moral virtues of respect, honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion. We believe in the strength of family and community and value collaboration and mutual respect amongst students, staff, parents, Old Kingswoodians and the Makhanda and broader community.


To achieve this purpose, each of us in the Kingswood Community makes the following promise:

“I promise to honour the Kingswood spirit of helping each person to be their best in a safe, joyous family community of respect, kindness and affirmation.”