Academic Awards

Kingswood holds three academic awards assemblies every year where we celebrate the academic and cultural achievements of our pupils.

Academic Awards Assembly - 4 February 2019

Academic Honours:

Ben is a conscientious student who always goes the extra mile.  He is not satisfied with handing in mediocre work and his work is always of a high standard.  This level of excellence reflects his work ethic and academic drive.  He is not happy to cost along in his comfort zone, but constantly pushes himself whether this be in preparation for a test or other tasks.

Ben has an innate ability to not only look out for himself, but he is constantly helping others to achieve their full potential as well.  His constant drive to achieve more is an integral part of his success in the academic realm and this quality has spilled out of the classroom and helped him to succeed in multiple areas of the school.

Ben is a model student and has been described by his teachers as a “pleasure to teach”.  He is extremely dedicated towards his academics and always ensures that he fully digests any material that is presented to him.  He consistently applies himself to the highest level and his personal motivation to achieve is praiseworthy.  Ben’s continuous strive for excellence in the classroom has rubbed off onto his peers and serves as an example of an individual who gives of his best in every aspect of his scholastic career.

It is with all this in mind that Kingswood awards Ben Honours for Academics.


Kristina is a diligent young lady who shows great tenacity towards her studies.  She always strives to understand every concept and to produce outstanding results.  Kristina is a perfectionist and cannot bring herself to submit assignments where the work is not up to her high standards.  She has been described by her teachers as a “very hard worker and a delight to teach.”

Kristina always goes above the requirements of every task, she is a critical thinker and she is also well informed about the current events which all feed in to her excellent work ethic.  She reflects on concepts until she is able to gain a deeper understanding of them; which is testament to her discipline and determination to succeed.  It is clear from her achievements that she displays good academic rigour.

Kristina is always determined to give of her best. She displays an assertive and yet conscientious approach to her academics. She goes about her work in a quiet but insightful manner and is self-motivated and thorough in her approach to her academics.

Kristina is certainly a role model to her peers in her work ethic and determination and has fulfilled the requirements to be awarded Honours for Academics.

Simeon is an outstanding scholar with an exemplary approach to his academic work, developing his innate ability in an admirable manner.  He is a gentle soul who strives for excellence both in the content and quality of work he presents.  Simeon demonstrates great tenacity; always conscientious and disciplined in his approach.  He is able to integrate different sections of work and communicates his understanding in a logical fashion.

He thinks independently, takes initiative and is always responsible in his approach.  Simeon demonstrates a self-motivated and proactive willingness to do his best in all that he is involved in.  He quietly engages fully in his work and has an excellent work ethic with well-developed higher order thinking skills.  He never lets his extramural commitments interfere with his academic work and has the maturity to keep a good balanced perspective.

Simeon does not settle for anything less than his best and this is evident in all that he does.  He works independently with tenacity and grit in developing an understanding of the work covered.  He is a diligent learner and sets a good example for his peers.

Having fulfilled the requirements and in acknowledgement of Simeon’s approach to academics, he is awarded for Academics.

Henning is a diligent young man who shows great tenacity towards his studies.  He frequently asks questions as he engages with new and old material.  His reflecting on concepts until he is able to gain a deeper understanding of them is testament to his discipline and determination to succeed.  It is clear from his achievements that he displays good academic rigor as demonstrated by an A aggregate for each term last year.

Henning often revisits examples and questions to ensure he understands the concepts covered in class.  His tenacious approach to his work is praiseworthy as he questions and grapples with the work, persevering through frustration, in order to succeed.

Henning has demonstrated that hard work and tenacity makes academic success achievable.  He has a strong inner determination to achieve quality results.  Henning is a diligent scholar possessing a well-developed intellectual curiosity and an excellent skills level.

He is a role model to his peers and is self – driven and strives to understand concepts clearly.  With this determined approach, and having met the necessary criteria, Henning is awarded Honours for Academics.

Academic Colours


  • Aliber, Talia
  • Bovey, Tyler


  • Cawood, James
  • Knight, Chloe


Academic Standards


  • Armstrong, Jodie
  • Kondolo, Mwango
  • Machila, Mwaka
  • Morrison, Jocelyn
  • Ponoane, Nkokoto
  • Wilhelmi, Sarah