Kingswood Council

Kingswood is supported by a strong and active Council (Board of Governors) which bears an overall responsibility for the School’s corporate governance – “to lead, govern and monitor” the business of the College.

Together with the College Head, the Kingswood College Council supports the School’s Senior Management Team to oversee decisions of strategic significance for the future. The composition of the Council covers a range of professional expertise and members are drawn from all around the country, including the Schools staff.

Breakdown of Council

Consisting of at least 25 members, the Council is made up of:

Ten nominated members:

  • Three by the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church;
  • Seven by the Executive of the OK Club, one of which is the President of the Old Kingswoodian Club.

Eleven elected members:

  • Nine by the Council
  • Two by the current parents (one member each from the Junior and Senior School).

Four invited members:

  • The College Head;
  • Senior School Head and Junior School Head;
  • The College Business Manager.

Council members:

Ms D S Hornby: Chairman

Bishop J Freemantle
Ms V May
Ms V Mtongana
Mr A Collier
Mr D Connan
Dr K Purdon
Mr J Goldberg
Mr W Rippon
Mr C Stirk
Mr W Strachan
Mr AM Vorster
Mr J Fincham
Ms K Govender
Ms C Gush
Ms L Hobson
Mr A Lankester
Mr J Meyer
Mrs N Mrwetyana
Mr A van Niekerk
Ms F Zote
Dr G Butterworth
Prof C Christie
Dr Colleen Vassiliou: College Head
Mrs Tracy van Molendorff: Deputy Head of Senior School
Mr James Hough: Head of Junior School
Mr Steve Gardner: Business Manager
Mr Tim Marshall: College Chaplain
Mr Jonathan Trafford: Kingswood Foundation Executive Head