Music in the classroom

The instrumental music programme at Kingwood helps our pupils realise their talents through a broad range of creative outlets. We want our pupils to come to know themselves as artists, musicians, and lifelong learners and the musicians that leave here are a testament to this.

Subject Music

Music as an academic subject begins in Grade 8 and continues through to Grade 12.

While some pupils strive to pursue music careers after school, some choose the subject as a creative outlet for something that they are passionate about. Taking music as a subject not only shows competency levels in your chosen instruments(s) but can serve to demonstrate versatility, self-discipline, perseverance and determination when applying for further studies. These skills will also stand them in good stead for life after school regardless of chosen studies.

Class Music

The class music curriculum, introduced from Grade 1 and which runs through to Grade 9, exposes our pupils to different music genres and exposes them to a world of possibility when it comes to choosing an instrument later on. Music is universally recognised as a key contributor to improving educational outcomes and assists in the development of well-rounded children. Besides equipping children with life-long skills, it also encourages creativity and innovation, problem-solving and discipline in its pupils and this makes it a key component of the  Kingswood core curriculum.