Finding passion, discovering new skills

Enriching young lives

The core purpose of our Kingswood Junior enrichment programme is to help our pupils discover new passions, while striving to develop existing ones and to explore a range of new skills and experiences. The enrichment programme is intrinsically linked to our academic programme, which means that it enhances what’s done in the classroom with fun and creative experiences.

Foundation Phase

In the Foundation Phase we offer Language Enrichment for second language speakers.  We incorporate Neuronet, chess and programmes on ipads like Matific in our morning programme.

Intermediate/Senior Phase

In the Intermediate/Senior Phase, the Leadership Committees (Early Act, Environment, Media, Mentoring, Service) meet every fortnight on a Tuesday.  There is a Drama Club for Grade 4 to 7, study skills for Grade 6, Chess, and a Robotics Club.  Kids with a Mission (KWAM), a Christian Fellowship group, meet every Friday evening.

Horse riding and Dance lessons, while not run by the school, are optional private lessons that can be taken by pupils (charged separately by the providers).

Activities Day

Once a term we have Activities Day where pupils are able to select their activity. These range from fabric painting, bowls, fishing, golf, beading, card-making, knitting, crocheting, baking, model dress-design, birding and many more.