Kingswoodian Club

Being part of the Kingswood Family

One thing you don’t need to explain to any Old Kingswoodian or friend of the College (whether a past or present member of staff, parent, council member or a friend), is how much Kingswood means to its community. And this is why the Kingswoodian Club, established in 2015, exists today. As a means to keep us all connected to the school we love, and the history we share.

Old Kingswoodians carry the School’s values with them wherever they go and we’re delighted that so many keep in regular touch. You can maintain your links with Kingswood right here – and play an active part in School life for many years to come.

The Kingswoodian Club

The Kingswoodian Club is the umbrella organisation for the broader Kingswood community, including not just Alumni, but past members of staff, parents, council members and invited friends of the College. All Alumni are automatically given life membership to the Kingswoodian Club on matriculating from Kingswood, as are their parents.
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Alumni: The Old Kingswoodian Club

The Old Kingswoodian Club, formed on 14 March 1902, is the original organisation for former Kingswood pupils, and is under the umbrella of the Kingswoodian Club.  

As most Old Kingswoodians (OKs) will tell you, a strong connection with the School remains long after they’ve moved on into adult life. The close friendships formed in the classroom, in our Houses and on the sports fields, often last a lifetime. The OK Club brings us all together, across generations, to share memories, fun, experience and support.

In recent years the OK Club has become a global community of Kingswood alumni with branches throughout the world.
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Our Branches

Local branches and branch events are a great way to stay in touch with fellow old Kingswoodians and with the School. Successful and vibrant branches of the club have a hugely positive impact on both Kingswood and the Kingswoodian Club as a whole, so please consider supporting your local club events and functions.

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