About the Kingswoodian Club

The Kingswoodian Club is the umbrella association for the broader Kingswood community, including not just Alumni, but past members of staff, parents, council members and invited friend of the College. All Alumni are automatically given life membership to the Kingswoodian Club on matriculating from Kingswood, as are their parents.

Membership structure:

  1. ACTIVE MEMBERS: All current parents fit into this category with subscription fees billed to school accounts.
  2. LIFE MEMBERS: When the last child leaves Kingswood the parents will become Life Members with no subscription fees payable.
  3. Any individuals who do not have direct ties with Kingswood but who, at the discretion of the committee, have served/supported the school with distinction, may be invited to join as Life Members.
  4. All Old Kingswoodians automatically become members of the Kingswoodian Club after completing Grade 12 at Kingswood