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Senior Girl’s Boarding Houses

Originally the Main House of the Wesleyan High School for Girls (built in 1882) the building was taken over by Kingswood in 1935, and named after Reverend Dr G H P Jacques CMG MBE who became Chairman of the College Council and served as such from July 1938 to December 1946.

Jacques House becoming the senior girl’s boarding house in 1976, following the introduction of co-education at Kingswood in 1973.

While traditional in its values, there is a bright and vibrant spirit in Jacques House that encompasses all the girls who call it home.

In 2004 the Council resolved to develop a second senior girl’s boarding House in the front garden of Jacques House. The House would be the first in Kingswood’s history to be built specifically for girls and it was named Kirkby House to acknowledge the immense contribution made to Kingswood, in so many different ways over an extended period by the Reverend Howard Kirkby and his wife, Joyce.

Kirkby House took its place amongst the College’s historic Houses when it was officially opened on 12 March 2005.

Senior Boy’s Boarding houses

Chubb house occupies the North wing of School House, the foundation stone of which was laid on 14 March 1894. Only completed in the latter half of 1898, it originally included the College’s dining hall, until the Memorial Dining Hall was built in 1942.

Disaster in its worst form struck this grand old building on the evening of 4 June 1996, when it was almost totally destroyed by fire. Wisely, it was decided to rebuild the House true to its original style, but with more modern interior finishes.

Chubb House was named after former Principal, The Reverend Theophilus Chubb (1892 – 1898).


Gane House occupies the South wing of School House, the foundation stone of which was laid on 14 March 1894. Gane House was named after former Kingswood College Headmaster, Colonel Ernest G Gane (1892 -1927).

Gane House aims at being a happy house, inhabited by positive individuals who are disciplined and self-motivated; have mutual respect for each other and are striving to reach their full potential in all spheres of Kingswood life and beyond.

As a house, we pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone feels valued, we are accepting of each other’s differences while encouraging uniqueness.


Built in 1904 Jagger House was first known as New Boarding House, and not actually used by Kingswood pupils until after World War 1 and the proceeding Depression years. It was the first boarding house establishment for Kingswood Prep until 1935.The House was named in 1934, in recognition of the generosity of J W Jagger, a prominent Johannesburg businessman and educational philanthropist who donated generously to the school.


Wood House was originally a single storied structure known as Stanton’s Wagon Factory and it is the oldest building on Kingswood’s campus. Initially known as ‘The Annexe’, it was first used for classrooms. The House was named on 21 February 1921 after Henry Richard Wood, one of the Founders and Chairman of the College Council from 1896 – August 1921.