An international community

At Kingswood, we welcome pupils from across the world – around 25% of boarders are from outside of South Africa, and we are very proud of the experiences and cultural diversity this brings to the school.

With over 75% of pupils boarding across the school at Kingswood, there is a lively and vibrant community and campus life, and a comprehensive support structure in place.

Boarding Houses


  • Van Vuuren Village (Boys)
  • Hobson House (Girls)


  • Jacques House (Girls)
  • Kirkby House (Girls)
  • Chubb (Boys)
  • Gane (Boys)
  • Jagger (Boys)
  • Wood (Boys)

Holidays and term breaks

Kingswood is a three-term school, each term being separated with a short ‘half term’ break of around 5 days. International pupils can opt to stay on campus for those half-terms,  however it is advised that they do have a break from school, either back at home or with a friend.

The June/July half term is the longest at 10 days, and the school closes completely over this time.

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Study permits and immigration

All international pupils need to ensure that their passports, immigration documents and study permits are in order before travelling for school.

Click here for a detailed description of each of these

The Kingswood Travel Office

Kingswood College runs an extensive fleet of school vehicles supplemented as and when required by preferred external service providers, providing pupils with transport to and from various destinations.

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