Visual Art

Visual Art is highly valued at Kingswood and we enjoy a long tradition of excellence at the school. A subject that activates the imagination and cultivates creative thinking, the skills gained from the subject are becoming increasingly more important in many careers and businesses in the 21st century. Visual Art comprises both a theory (Art History) and a practical component.

“Why I love art

Art in itself; is a piece of oneself. It evokes raw emotion and subjectivity, which is poured out in any perspective you want. Art for me is much more than a subject, it’s a passion – training your mind to exploit your hidden creativity and artistic sense from our beautiful practicals, to our journals and yes, even the theory.

I love art because it’s a very safe space for me. I have the expanse to truly be myself for a period of the day and often find myself being unable to wait for art period to start. I often find myself craving to create and ending up in the art room after hours working on my practical. What I love about our art space is also being able to work and enter into the building at any hour of the day. Once you walk into the art room, everyone is equal. Everyone is happy to be there. We all have personally deep and diverse friendships with each other and our teacher. It’s a very relaxed and calm environment. All different genres of my fellow pupils’ music play out loud on the speaker throughout the lesson, phones allowed to be used; chatting; laughing; making jokes – it’s comfortable”

– Carolina Da Costa Grade 12, 2019