The Junior houses

Kingswood has two Junior Boarding houses, Hobson House for Junior School Girls and Van Vuuren Village for Junior School Boys.

Hobson House is home to thirty-six Junior School girls from six different countries. Plenty of fun activities ensure that the girls seldom have a moment to feel homesick. Read more about staff and care here.


Originally built as a private dwelling for Richard Restall Stocks, one of the Founding Fathers of Kingswood, the house was converted into Kingswood accommodation in 1969, and became known as Hobson House. Used primarily as an over-flow boarding facility during the proceeding years, it was demolished in 2017 and construction commenced on a new Hobson House in 2018 to accommodate junior girls.

It is not clear after whom the House was named, but conjecture might lead one to suspect that it may have been named after Dr S B Hobson, former Inspector of Schools and active member of the College Council from 1965 – 1976. Another school of thought suggests that it was named to honour the connection of the Hobson family to Kingswood and their involvement, commitment and active participation in so many aspects of the College’s life.

Built on a historic site in Kingswood history, Hobson House is currently our newest boarding house and is a special home for our Junior girls. Houseperson, Mrs Cally Johnson, is assisted by a Matron and eight Student Assistants who all look after the well-being and comfort of the girls.  Plenty of fun activities ensure that the girls seldom have a moment to feel homesick.  Hobson House is currently home to 19 Junior School girls, from many different countries.

The Van Vuuren Village is home to our Junior School boy boarders. A complex of four houses makes up the village and currently hosts approximately forty boys. Read more about staff and care here.


In 2004 the consolidation of a number of adjoining Kingswood properties (2 Park Road, Crouch Cottage, 6 Park Road, Rich House and Robb Cottage) resulted in the junior boys’ village. The name Eben van Vuuren Boys Village was chosen to recognise the immense contribution made by the retired Maintenance Manager, Eben van Vuuren, who had served Kingswood so well since 1971.

Van Vuuren Village is uniquely structured: a complex of four houses makes up the village, all on one secure property. Each of these houses is in a wonderful setting and accommodates between thirteen and seventeen boys of similar peer group range. The boys are cared for by three motherly matrons, nine Student Assistants and Housemaster, Mr Craig Robertson, his wife Penny and their two boys, who oversee the complex. Van Vuuren Village is currently home to 21 boys.