Life on campus as a boarder

Life as a Boarder

The boarding houses at Kingswood are more than just buildings; they are a special part of a pupil’s time and identity at the school, and it is here, where they become part of a community of friends, peers and staff. 

With more than 75% of our pupils boarding across the school at Kingswood, there is a lively and vibrant campus life with a relaxed, family atmosphere that ensures that even our youngest pupils can settle in and feel at home. We welcome boarders from all over South Africa, Africa and the world, and no matter where they come from, they are welcomed into a thriving and supportive community where they are valued and cared for.

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Where uniqueness is valued

At Kingswood, we believe that one of the key character traits that our pupils learn by being a boarder is a respect for others’ opinions and differences. Learning to be considerate, to accommodate their housemates, to share their space, to take responsibility for their own actions and set boundaries, all serve to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our pupils.

Staff and Pastoral Care

Each House is home to the Houseperson and their family, and under their expert care pupils are encouraged to develop academically, socially and in all aspects of their lives. Each House is also supported by its own Matron, who together with the Housekeeper, is on hand to care for the pupils’ welfare and practical needs.

The team is further strengthened by an Assistant Houseperson, staff tutors, as well as student and/or teacher assistants, who take a personal and active interest in the pupils under their care.

A mentorship programme ensures that all our senior pupils take on mentoring roles in the houses, which encourages a sense of responsibility and independence. Each Grade 8 is assigned to a senior pupil who supports and helps them settle into the senior school.

Inter-House Competitions and House Spirit

Pupils of all ages, boarders and day pupils alike are thoroughly involved in the boarding Houses. These ties, along with an enthusiastic dose of house spirit, are continually strengthened, courtesy of the many inter-house events that run throughout the year.

Numerous inter-house sporting activities, inter-house music and drama competitions, as well as individual house events and social functions, ensure that life as a Kingswood boarder is varied, fun and inclusive.