Tony Timm

When we speak of Kingswood College being a family school, we are not just talking the talk, we mean it.

Family ties and close connections run deep at Kingswood. The history between our past and our present is interwoven, and all add to the rich fabric that makes up our Kingswood family.

The past and present continuously merge with new generations of Kingswood families coming to our school, and some of our past pupils even becoming part of our teaching staff. Somehow Kingswood has a way of pulling past pupils back to their roots.

Yesterday morning, our HOD of Accounting, Mr Tony Timm, arrived at his online staff meeting, dressed for success: in his Kingswood basher and blazer. Proudly Kingswood.

The Timm family has a long-standing relationship with Kingswood, as his father matriculated in 1939, and the blazer that Mr Timm was wearing, was his father’s Tennis Colours blazer. His mother ran the Sanatorium from 1974 to 1984 and Mr Timm himself attended Kingswood, matriculating in 1979.

Both his daughters also attended Kingswood with Katherine matriculating in 2010 and Meghan in 2013. His wife, Mrs Eunice Timm, joined our teaching staff in 2018.

When asked what Tony loves most about Kingswood College, it is evident that there are too many things that are special about Kingswood but one stands out: “To be able to teach children whose parents were at school with one, is extremely special but most of all, watching the progress of a pupil from Grade 8 and watching them grow and achieve, is priceless.”

Jane Howard’s words, taken from a different context, aptly describe the interconnectedness and importance of being part of the Kingswood fabric: “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

Kingswood runs in one’s veins and is so much more than a place. Once you are a part of Kingswood, Kingswood will forever be a part of you.

A peak behind the scenes….!

Tony Timm