Kingswood is a place steeped in history; a history that spans over 126 years, from its foundation in 1894.

“…Growth means change and involves risks, stepping from the known to the unknown…”

Our beautiful old buildings have soul. They each tell a story of the people who came before. Our new buildings signify change, progress and our growth as a school. They show the vision of the people who saw the possibility of tomorrow.

The way in which the old and new blend at Kingswood College speaks to the organic growth of an entity.

For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday we go back 26 years to our centenary year celebration in 1994 when an artistic impression of our school campus was done to commemorate that year. Looking back at this depiction of our campus, it becomes apparent that while the foundation upon which Kingswood is built is solid, a number of capital projects have been undertaken since our 100th year to ensure that Kingswood is able to move forward, to adapt and change with the needs of its family.

In the sporting sphere our school has seen many changes among which are the development of the High Performance Centre, our City Lords Astro, the Aquatics Centre, Squash Courts and a new cricket pitch on Gane Field which enabled us to raise the bar that much higher from a sporting perspective.

As our school has grown, the need for updated, modernised and more classrooms was vital and as a result the Hepburn and Parsonson buildings were erected as well the Cohen Block and the addition of a dedicated Music School in Walton House.

Our Kingswood family has also grown to such an extent that the addition of new boarding houses was required for us to keep up with our ever-growing family. This included the building of Kirkby House (Senior Girls boarding), Van Vuuren Village (Junior Boys boarding) and more recently, Hobson House (Junior Girls boarding).

There have been a number of other capital development projects that have taken place, but the above examples provide a snapshot of how far our school has come since 1994.

Imagine another 26 years from now! How will Kingswood College look then?

One thing is certain. Change is essential. Change means growth, progress and moving forward.

The Kingswood of today is a blend between the old and the new, the past and the present.

What the future holds, we do not know, but looking back, we can be proud of how far we have come and know the possibilities for the future are exciting and bright.