Mphokolo Makara Dr Sarah Kraus

“…The bigger your successes, the more likely you are to have big failures. Don’t be afraid of them, they’re important. You will probably learn more from your failures than your successes and they might actually enable you to become successful in a way you did not anticipate…” – Sarah Kraus ‘1999

August is Women’s Month and what better way to truly celebrate it than by touching base with a few notable women in our very own Kingswood family. This is the fourth profile in our KC Women’s Month Series.

As we continue our KC Women’s Month Series today, we profile Dr Sarah Kraus, OK ‘99.

“I am grateful for my education and the opportunities that have been afforded to me. My education has given me the power to be who I am…” – Sarah Kraus

Today we have the privilege of profiling Dr Sarah Kraus. She spent 5 years at Kingswood matriculating in 1999.

Sarah is a double “Dr Dr” as she is a specialist physician and also holds a PhD in the medical research field. After leaving Kingswood, Sarah went on to study medicine at UCT.

When she completed her studies, she did her internship and community service in Durban and East London. She then returned to Cape Town where she chose to specialise in Internal Medicine.

She was awarded a scholarship to undertake a PhD while working as a consultant and research fellow in the Department of Medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital and UCT.

In 2017, while doing her PhD, she was part of an all-female team which discovered a new gene that is responsible for a form of genetic heart disease. For the last year she has been based in the UK at Oxford University where she is studying cardio-genetics.

Although her career has been the predominant focus of her life, Sarah says that the last 20 years have provided her with so much adventure. She has been able to learn how to surf, kite-surf, rock climb and run half-marathons. She has explored the world – Bali, Singapore, India, San Francisco, parts of Europe (Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany), and many countries in Africa (Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zanzibar).

Here Dr Kraus shares a message with our Kingswood community for Women’s Month…

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