“…Grandparents make the world… A little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer…”

A special day in our Kingswood Junior Calendar each year is our Grandparents Day Celebration. This year, our event looks a little different to years before, but, in some respects this day will perhaps become even more accessible to those grandparents or special loved ones who have been unable to join us in the past for the occasion.

Our little Kingswoodians have been hard at work over the last two weeks creating special keepsakes and video messages to send on Grandparents Day. In a year such as this, we can only imagine that these will be especially treasured by our Grannies, Grandpa’s and special loved ones as many of them have been unable to spend quality time with their little people due to covid-19 and the lockdown.

Our Grade 1 to 3s have made special video messages that will be shared, watched and opened throughout the day today. We have also put together a little video clip which provides a sneak peak of what they have in store for their loved ones.

We realise that not all of us are lucky enough to still have grandparents in our lives, but memories and people live on in the hearts and minds of those who are still around. We hope that today you will remember with warmth and love those who are perhaps no longer with us, and share your fondest memories and stories of your grandparents or parents with your children or families today.