“…Part of being a person is about helping others…”

Yesterday our Grade 10s visited George Dickerson to start their Nal’ibali Community Engagement project.

The Grade 10s will be visiting George Dickerson for the next four weeks as we put into practice the principles learnt in the first term with respect to becoming a Global Citizen (A Community Engagement course designed by RUCE: Rhodes University Community Engagement).

We are piloting this course this year but there are some lovely topics starting with locating self in society where they Grade 10s looked at the concept of a single story and privilege. We looked at case studies of previous community engagement ideas before looking at the ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) model ending with Systems thinking.

Today was a joy as it is the first time in 3 years that we are going to be engaging on a weekly basis. Each Grade 10 pupil was partnered with a Grade 4 partner and will develop a relationship over the next couple of weeks.

We look forward to seeing these relationships unfold over the next couple of weeks.