Our Senior School recently put on the production of the The Little Shop of Horrors to sold out audiences. We asked our HOD of Drama, Mrs Jess Wright to write a reflection on this experience after the Covid-19 pandemic had put an end to live theatre performances for over two years.

“When the seed of putting on Little Shop of Horrors was planted in September last year, I was filled with excitement and utter panic at the thought of putting on a musical”.

– Mrs Jess Wright

After two years of no live theatre and taking on a musical for the first time ever it sometimes seemed like a crazy idea that should be abandoned. Nothing could have prepared me, the cast or audiences for how amazing the final product turned out!

Watching closing night I was still completely blown away by the incredibly talented cast and what they had achieved. From individual performances, puppet manipulation, singing to group numbers each and every cast member was a vital part of the success of this show. Taking Little Shop of Horrors from page to stage can only be described as a collaboration in the truest sense of the word.

Each and every member of this incredible cast has been part of the creation process, from choreography to costumes to creative input. Together we have painted, glued, sewn, built a giant man eating puppet and countless mini versions, laughed, cried and most importantly had fun along the way. Putting on a school production is a huge undertaking, but for me watching an eclectic mix of pupils, not friendship or age group specific but a completely random group of individuals, all working together towards a common goal is how we truly educate for life.

I will forever be thankful for this production and for having the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented and amazing young individuals.

So when the world denies you live theatre the only solution is to find the most ridiculous and over the top musical you can.

Build a giant man eating plant puppet, steal every speaker your school owns, remember that there is talent everywhere you look and there will always be fun!

And please remember DO NOT feed the plants.

  • Mrs Jess Wright (HOD of Drama)