On Sunday, 13th of November, the Remembrance Day Parade took place at the Makhanda Church Square. Here, Kingswoodians and members of the wider Makhanda Community gathered to pay their respects.  


“There are no winners in war, there never can be, and it remains our responsibility and duty to preserve these memories of fallen Comrades, family members and our ancestors, for without them we would not be”. These were the profound words spoken by Andrew Kirk at the Remembrance Day Parade on the 13th of November 2022 where Kingswood pupils, parents and staff gathered with the wider Makhanda Community at the Church Square to pay their respects to those who tragically lost their lives in conflict.

Representatives from Kingswood (Junior and Senior School) and The Old Kingswoodian Club (President Chris Hobson and Active Vice-President Richard Gaybba) laid wreathes at the foot of the cenotaph of Makhanda’s Church Square.

Andrew Kirk addressed the crowd, reminding them that “Remembrance Sunday is not about tradition, but rather about introspection”. He encouraged those present to “remember those who fought for their country at the request of the government, those who fought for their land at the request of their chieftains’ and even those who have taken up the fight based on ideology”.

These words resonated with those present, as the ever-symbolic Last Post and Reveille were played, in an effort to preserve the memories of these brave men and women.