The Kingswood College Matric Class of 2018 has generated impressive results of which the pupils can be proud. The results produced by this year’s matriculants reflect a positive step towards pursuing their chosen post-school careers.

The class of 2018 achieved a 100% pass rate and 138 distinctions were obtained. The top ten (10) pupils of 2018 gathered a total of 52 distinctions.

The Kingswood College Deputy Head Girl for 2018, Tami Labuschagne, achieved an 88% overall average. Tami, who hails from Somerset West, has obtained seven (7) distinctions for all of her subjects. In 2019, Tami will register for a BSc degree at the University of Stellenbosch. When asked where she sees herself in five years, she said: “I have learnt that life is too short to be planning too far into the future. I intend to treasure each day as it comes and to follow life wherever it may lead me”.

Danielle Griesel, who comes from Port Alfred has achieved an overall average of 87% with seven (7)) distinctions for all her subjects. Danielle will study medicine at the University of Stellenbosch and hopes that she will one day be the head of an NGO that places doctors and healthcare professionals in areas where they are needed. Her thoughts on these final examinations were: “Some [of the exams] were quite tough, but I do hope that my results will be a reflection of all the hard work done throughout my high school years”.

Imma Joubert, from Alexandria, has achieved an overall average of more than 85% with six (6) distinctions. In 2019, Imma will be an au pair in Austria after which she hopes to return and do her undergraduate degree before pursuing her postgraduate studies in the Netherlands.

Danika Peenz, obtained six (6) distinctions in the final examinations and an 82% overall average. Danika, who comes from East London, hopes to pursue a career in paediatric medicine. When asked how she found her exams, she said: “The final exams were fair, but there were a few challenging papers. However, with the correct preparation, dedication and determination, they were manageable”.

Camilla James and Elizabeth (Tilabo) Williamson who come from Grahamstown, achieved five distinctions each. Camilla will attend Rhodes University this year and will register for a BSc, while Elizabeth will be studying Psychology at the University of Cape Town.

Muhammad Chugtai, James Kelly, Etienne Marais and Sinothile Norman each achieved four subject distinctions.

The newly appointed Kingswood College Head, Dr Colleen Vassiliou, has expressed great pride in the class of 2018 when she said: “I would like to congratulate the class of 2018 for rising to the challenge and giving of their best in the final examinations. You can all be so proud. As this journey ends, embrace the next chapter with confidence as you have what it takes to be a transforming influence in society. We also take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank our teaching staff for their care, guidance and hard work in assisting our pupils to be the best they could be. Thank you also to the parents, who have supported their children and our school throughout this journey”.