Presented at the Academic Awards Assembly held on the 10th of October 2019

Mwaka is a diligent young lady who shows great tenacity towards her studies. She always strives to understand every concept and to produce outstanding results. She is willing to volunteer answering questions in class and is a strong contributor to class discussions. She follows this up with well researched, argued and balanced assignments.

Mwaka has the ability to turn complex theories, into simple everyday English and has the knack of capturing the essence of a question or issue with short and precise answers demonstrating a deep understanding of the topic. She is articulate and a deep thinker and is always determined to give of her best. She is disciplined in the execution of tasks undertaken and prepares thoroughly for them. She goes about her work in an incisive manner and is self-motivated and thorough in her approach to her academics.

Mwaka is very focussed and carries out her work in a positive manner. She maintains a happy demeanour even when the work gets tough. She constantly interrogates new concepts to ensure that she grasps the details and nuances of the topic. She reflects on concepts until she is able to gain a deeper understanding of them; which is testament to her discipline and determination to succeed. It is clear from her achievements that she displays good academic rigour.

Mwaka is certainly a role model to her peers in her work ethic and determination and has fulfilled the requirements to be awarded Honours for Academics.