The Music School is such an integral part of what we are able to offer to our pupils at Kingswood College, and as a result, we have decided to start #MusicMonday to showcase the diverse talents of our Music School pupils!

“…Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments…”

The commitment and versatility to continue with music lessons during the COVID-19 lockdown is evident!

Today for #MusicMonday we feature Victor, one of our youngest music pupils. He began piano lessons with Mrs Smith in May 2019, when he was in Grade 1. Here Victor is playing three pieces: “Giojoso” by Telemann, “Impertinence” by Handel and “Minuet in G” by Bach.

Mrs Smith enjoys teaching Victor: “Victor’s love for music was cultivated and nurtured at home from a very young age. He loves practising his instrument. His progress speaks for itself and reflects his hard work and dedication.”

Mrs Smith has been teaching the piano via whatsapp call (no video) due to her internet connection issues.

When asked how she manages she replied with humour: “If they struggle with a rhythm, especially the younger ones, I show them by writing it down on manuscript paper with the counting underneath, take a photo and send via Whatsapp. Next time they usually get it right! Or I take a video with my tablet precariously balanced on the side of the keyboard and leaning against the metronome so that they can see and also hear the rhythm.”

“I look forward to my online lessons with Mrs Smith.”, says Victor. “It has not been as difficult as I thought it would be. I am so happy that I have still been able to learn lots of new pieces and share music with others.”