Emily has become a key member of the 1st Girls’ Water Polo team at Kingswood College. She controls the right hand side of the pool and plays a crucial role in getting the ball from defence into an attacking position. She plays in a calm and controlled manner.

Emily was recently selected into the Eastern Province U19A team that will take part in the SA Schools’ IPT competition next month in Johannesburg. This is not the first time that Emily will be representing the province in water polo as she has participated across the various age groups in the A teams.

Emily puts full effort into training and is always analysing her skills, looking to improve them. She is able to hold the ball on the right and make a well timed and accurate pass to the moving attacker on the left side of the pool. She has also controlled our man-up this season. Emily has an excellent shot and has scored from a tight angle when the opposition have least expected it.

It is with great pleasure that we award Emily Webber Honours for Water Polo.