On Saturday 25 January 2020 the girls water polo teams traveled to Port Elizabeth to participate in a derby day with Alexander Road High and Pearson High Schools.

The girls departed school early on Saturday morning, headed first for Alexander Road.

The results from the games played were as follows:

  • KC U14 vs Alex U14A 16-1 win
  • KC U15A vs Alex U15A 19-1 win
  • KC U15B vs Alex U15B 14-1 win
  • KC 2nds vs Alex 2nds 4-5 loss
  • KC 1sts vs Alex 1sts 8-3 win

The teams then made their way to Pearson High school for the next round of fixtures.

The results from these games were as follows:

  • KC U14 vs Pearson U14A 9-7 win
  • KC U15A vs Pearson U15A 11-0 win
  • KC U15B vs Pearson U15B 10-6 win
  • KC 2nds vs Pearson 2nds 6-6 draw
  • KC 1sts vs Pearson 1sts 2-9 loss

It was a great day of water polo with perfect weather and a combination of celebrations and lessons learnt at this early stage in the season.