Last Wednesday evening we had our New Pupils Induction Ceremony.

For many, the evening marked the start of their new journey at Kingswood College. It was a special occasion, and one which those who were inducted will hold close to their hearts for years to come.

Here is a small excerpt from Mrs Tracy van Molendorff’s address to the school:

“…This is an important ceremony tonight as we recognise the passage which all our new pupils have undertaken in moving from their respective preparatory schools to Kingswood College, or in the case of those in the higher grades, from their previous high schools to Kingswood College.

This is an important occasion as are the ceremonies we also have in place when we say goodbye to pupils in matric when they leave the school, and it is equally important to welcome pupils into our community.

Some would relate this occasion to a “rite of passage”. A rite of passage is defined as a traditional event marking a person’s transition from one status to another. Sometimes it is also described as a milestone in one’s life.

The celebration of a rite of passage is a renewing event for the entire Kingswood community, and today the newest Kingswoodians show a public expression of, and commitment to, our values and beliefs and we also reinforce our expectations of behaviour, standards and well-being for the entire school. There is a saying you have probably heard before: “It takes a village to raise a child”. This Nigerian proverb exists in different forms in many African languages.

The basic meaning is that a child’s upbringing is a communal effort. It is our responsibility collectively to look after and nurture these newest Kingswoodians as they take their place in this great school…”