Online learning quote

“…Think big, believe big, act big and the results will be big…”

And just like that, Term 2 kicks off today.

A very different term to what we have ever encountered before, but the possibilities and excitement of what lies ahead in terms of the digital learning sphere is running over.

Our teachers have put in the hard yards throughout this holiday and now, after a long few weeks in lockdown they will be able to once again return to do what they are passionate about, and what they love to do: teach.

They will be able to see their pupils, albeit remotely on a digital classroom platform where they will be able to engage with them on a daily basis and to continue building their relationships as teacher and pupil.

Together we are traversing the unknown, excited by the possibilities that it presents us with, and we know that are pupils are up to the challenge.

With the dedication shown by our teachers and the willingness to learn by our pupils, this team is unstoppable.

We wish that we could have all of our family back with us to start this term, but we have an unstoppable team made up of teachers and pupils who are going to make the best of this time until we are able to meet again.



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