“…Be like the willow. Easy to bend, but not easy to break…”

We are just over two weeks into E-learning and our #wellnesswednesday clip is aimed at our pupils this week, but the analogy that is used in this video clip, could well be useful to our greater Kingswood community as well.

The effects of an unusual new routine and adjusting to a new way of teaching, have set in, and for some this has translated into procrastination, or perhaps a sense of sadness, an inability to focus, or maybe some anxiety as to when all this will end.

Our College Head, Dr Colleen Vassiliou, who is also a registered counselling psychologist, has put together this clip to remind our pupils to nourish their spirits daily during this time and not to hesitate to call for help.

We need to remember to be flexible, to be kind to ourselves and to know that there are several coping mechanisms available to propel us forward.

Everyone needs a champion. In this time, our pupils need to know that their parents and guardians as well as their teachers believe in them, and that they have champions who back them 100 % – we call them their WASP.

Dr V’s message to our pupils is: Don’t forget to call upon your backup, your teacher, your parent, your guardian, your champion, your supporter, your WASP, when you need that extra support.