k-day 2020

The year in which the world stood still, driven apart by the covid-19 pandemic. The year in which the world started to realise what really matters. The year that saw our fours schools join together as one. And above all, the year that saw us working together towards a common goal.

It is not about winning or losing. It is about human connection and celebrating the camaraderie between our fours schools.

At this specific time of year, our campus is usually abuzz with K-Day energy: the build-up to the weekend palpable.

This year the covid-19 pandemic has forced to cancel this yearly event. What we have learnt from this very difficult time we find ourselves in is that the relationships we share with one another, and indeed the bond between our schools is one which should be treasured.

Human relationships, camaraderie and fun is what will characterize the K-Day experience this year with all four schools working towards a common goal.

It’s not about winning or losing, but about working and joining together to mark this day.

The intention of the day is to place some focus on the unique relationship that exists between our schools, and that is so evident every year over K-Day.

By getting out and exercising together we will make an attempt to see how far we can get in circumnavigating the globe!

We thought that the iconic Cape to Cairo adventure could be the first of the goals, and to then progress up to the North Pole, over the top and beyond!



  1. Follow the United by #KDay2020 Facebook page here: https://bit.ly/K-Day2020
  2. The event takes place from 08h00 – 16h00 on Saturday, 13 June
  3. Wear your supporters’ gear (black, red or gold)
  4. Log your cycling/running kilometres by following this link and filling out the form and uploading photographs:
  5. https://forms.gle/FnJbZWgdoHL15u2D9
  6. Tag us in your photos on: #KDay2020
  7. Send us photos, videos and more and let’s create some K-Day gees

Updates from all fours schools will be made on the events page below throughout the day! So keep an eye to see how far we get in our attempt to log 40 000km…


Senior Head, Mr David Wright, explains how K-Day 2020 will work:

k-day 2020
Your hosts for 2020: DSG and SAC