Kingswood Celebrates Women Ashley Wood

“…as much as you can plan your life and have various checkpoints and tick boxes, life will inevitably take twists and turns that throw you off this path.  So long as you keep the vision in sight, you can still always achieve those milestones but the journey may well be very different.  You also find out a lot about who you are and who “your people” are during the toughest of these climbs.” – Ms Ashley Wood (OK 2002)

August is Women’s Month and what better way to truly celebrate it than by touching base with a few notable women in our very own Kingswood family.

As we continue our KC Women’s Month Series today, we profile Ms Ashley Wood (OK 2002).

She went on to study accounting at UCT before returning to Johannesburg. As a qualified Chartered Accountant, she did her articles through Deloitte. She realised early on that auditing was not something that she could see herself doing full-time. She decided to pursue work in the commerce field and has been in that field ever since.

Ashley currently heads up the central finance team at Yum! Brands. Yum! Brands owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – a huge undertaking.

Prior to taking on this position, Ashley worked at Cadbury, Sorbet and Flight Centre. She has worked incredibly hard to attain this resumé and in her spare time, she loves cooking, baking, spending time with her friends and travelling the world.

Here Ms. Wood shares a message with our Kingswood community for Women’s Month…

Read her Q&A to find out more about this amazing woman…