When we look back at the year 2020 in 10, 20 or even 30 years from now, how will we remember it?

2020 was the year when our world changed. 2020 was the year when the world came to an almost complete standstill. It was a year that made us stop, rethink and re-evaluate. It was a year that made us realise just how much people and human connection matters.

For Kingswood it will be remembered as the year when we learned to adapt our teaching to a completely remote, and online platform. While the campus was deserted, in homes across our town and in cities across South Africa and further afield, teaching continued despite what was happening outside the confines and safety of our homes. It will be remembered as the year where our teachers and pupils worked together in order to ensure that teaching continued throughout the lockdown period.

So, today, on World Teachers Day we celebrate and recognise our phenomenal teachers.

This year, more than ever before, we would like to acknowledge the contributions that you make to our school, and even more importantly, the influence, time and effort you put into teaching your pupils.

You have had to learn new skills and had to find new ways of communicating and teaching on various online platforms. You have adjusted to new safety precautions and ways of doing things around campus in order to safeguard our pupils and throughout this entire process, you have remained dedicated and unwavering in your quest to do what you do best: Teach.