“Sports not only build better athletes but also better people.” – Julie Foudy

On Saturday, after months of not being able to gather, support and cheer each other on, our Senior Pupils came together for our Annual Athletics Sports Day on Gane Field. It was a wonderful day filled with some outstanding performances by our athletes. Well done to GANE HOUSE on winning the Interhouse Trophy on the day!

The results were as follows:

  • 1st – Gane
  • 2nd – Jagger
  • 3rd – Wood
  • 4th – Chubb

Well done Gane House!

Well done to Munangi, Tapiwa and Dwayne for their record braking performances

  • Under 14 Boys 80m Hurdles Munangi Kamwendo Gane :11:97 :12:17
  • Under 14 Boys Discus Tapiwa Zhanda Gane 39:76 36:77
  • Open Boys 100m Dwayne Pharo Gane :10:90 :10:95
  • Under 14 Boys 200m Munangi Kamwendo Gane :24:87 :24:90

Dwayne Pharo

Dwayne Pharo broke the Open Boys 100m with a new record of 10:90s, beating S Nkatsha’s record of 10:95s

Dwayne was also awarded the Boys Open Victor Ludurom, the Cadet Corp Cup and won the Open Sprints – Doug Dold Cup, the 100m Chris Stirk & Son’s Cup and the Open 300m Hurdles and Open 200m trophies.

Congratulations Dwayne! Your hard work and dedication has paid off!

Munangi Kamwendo

WATCH OUT! There is a new athlete to keep your eyes on at Kingswood College…Munangi Kamwendo joined us at Kingswood at the start of this year and he has made quite a mark in the athletic field.

At our Sports Day Munangi broke two records namely the:

  • U14 Boys 200m: New record of :24:87record has stood since 1968 and was set by R Towers. The record was :24:90
  • U14 Boys 80 Hurdles: New Record:11:97 Old record 2019 T Chikutiro :12:17

He was also named the U14 Boys Victor Ludurom winner – the AT Williamson Cup and was awarded the Mikey Bandey Trophy for Best Performance.  Well done Munangi!

Tapiwa Zhanda

Kingswoodian pupil Tapiwa Zhanda broke the U14 Boys Discus record which was last set in 1993 by T Motshubi at 36:77. Tapiwa now holds the new record at 39:76.

Well done Tapiwa! We hope that next year you will break your record even further…!

A special mention also to all the trophy winners of the day

U14Boys1500mOtto Plessner CupGary Woods
U14Boys800mPT Gertenbach CupGary Woods
U14Boys100mAJ Ansley CupMunangi Kamwendo
U14Boys200mHewitt CupMunangi Kamwendo
U14BoysPole VaultChris Stobbs Cupn/a
U14Girls1500mM Parry CupDominique De Jongh
U14Girls200 mTrophyDevon Heyns
U14Girls800mTracey Lee Bartlett CupDevon Heyns
U14Girls100mB Leiper CupDevon Heyns
U14GirlsBest SprinterThe Wrights AwardDevon Heyns
U16Boys100m HurdlesMichael Horowitz CupBen Hough
U16Boys800mMichaelhouse Athletics PlateBen Hough
U16Boys3000mKnight CupBen Hough
U16Boys1500mKirkby Floating TrophyBen Hough
U16Boys400mDave Erskine CupShiloh Nyakutya
U16Boys100mFrank Collins TrophyElias Chitengwa
U16BoysHigh JumpWarne RipponLuke Kelly
U16BoysPole VaultBarclay Hoole Cupn/a
U16Girls1500mMuirhead & Gowie TrophyTaryn Hurly
U16Girls3000mMuirhead & Gowie TrophyTaryn Hurly
U16Girls800mLexi TrophyTaryn Hurly
U16Girls400mB Dold CupTaryn Hurly
U16Girls100mB LeiperTaryn Hurly
U16GirlsSprints 100 & 200mKing Floating TrophyTaryn Hurly
U16GirlsLong JumpMuirhead & GowieTaryn Hurly
U16GirlsHigh JumpB LeiperAphiwe Mvunelwa
OpenBoysLong JumpMaurice Fletcher CupLuzuko Mahlati
OpenBoysShot PutFaure van Schalkwyk CupLatham Harris
OpenBoysHigh JumpNeil Whitehead CupUsivile Zweni
OpenBoysDiscusHoward Kirkby TrophyMatt Bedford
OpenBoysPole VaultBarry Andrews Trophyn/a
OpenBoys100m HurdlesHirshon Floating TrophyThomas Butterworth
OpenBoys300m HurdlesTrophyDwayne Pharo
OpenBoys200mTrophyDwayne Pharo
OpenBoys110m HurdlesHirshon Floating TrophyKuhle Tinga
OpenBoys100mChris Stirk & Sons CupDwayne Pharo
OpenBoys400mMorgan CupCallum Mc Gregor
OpenBoys800mDunstan CupCallum Mc Gregor
OpenBoys1500mThe Karg TrophyAlex Brussow
OpenBoysJavelinColin Purdon TrophyLiam Lacey
OpenBoys3000mD Knight & CoSibulele Zweni
OpenBoysTriple JumpMichael Wilmot TrophyLuzuko Mahlati
OpenBoysDistance EventThe Stirk CupAidan Chamberlain
OpenBoysSprints  Doug Dold CupDwayne Pharo
OpenBoysField EventsJack Solomon TrophyLuzuko Mahlati
16 & 17Boys800mMichael Browne CupBen Hough
OpenBoysRoad Relay (House)The Bruce Niland CupGANE
OpenGirls100mB Dold CupCarina Kemp
OpenGirls800mWearne PlateCaitlin Wilmot
OpenGirls200mB Dold CupRaquel Knott
OpenGirls1500mGavin Purdon CupCaitlin Wilmot
OpenGirls400mB Dold CupCaitlin Wilmot
OpenGirlsRoad Relay (Individ)TrophyTaryn Hurly
OpenBoysRoad Relay (Individ)Chris Hobson TrophyCallum McGregor
OpenGirlsSprintsOswald E Rudman TrophyRaquel Knott
OpenGirlsHigh JumpKim Yeates TrophyWanda Madasa
OpenGirlsLong JumpB Leiper CupZoë Fraser
Open GirlsJavelinB Leiper CupCarina Kemp
OpenGirlsField EventsSobahle Family CupCarina Kemp
OpenGirls3000m TrophyCaitlin Wilmot
OpenGirlsShot PutTaylor Memorial CupWanda Madasa
Open GirlsDiscusI&J Floating TrophyAzie Poswa
U14BoysVictor LudorumAT Williamson CupMunangi Kamwendo
U14GirlsVictrix LudorumSt Aidens CupDominique De Jongh & Devon Heyns
U16BoysVictor LudorumTrophyBen Hough
U16GirlsVictrix LudorumSt Aidens CupTaryn Hurly
OpenBoysVictor LudorumCadet Corp CupDwayne Pharo
OpenGirlsVictrix LudorumSA Legion ShieldCaitlin Wilmot
Interhouse trophy  Knight CupGANE
BoysMost Improved AthleteThe Logan CupElias Chitengwa
GirlsMost Improved AthleteThe Edgar Bone CupTaryn Hurly
Interhouse trophy  Muirhead  CupGANE
Best performance  Mike Bandey TrophyMunangi Kamwendo