Kingswoodians from the Midlands region headed to the Mill Cricket Ground on the farm Spring Grove near Bedford on Sunday 07 March to watch a cricket match and to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Due to covid protocols the annual Bedford Dinner could not take place so branch Chairman Chris Hobson decided that an outdoor event would be just the right recipe and so it was. OKs, parents and KC staff converged on this beautiful venue to enjoy an amazing day out in the sunshine. Two KC teams played a cricket match on this unique and beautiful field – I am sure this was the first time many of the boys had had the opportunity to experience country cricket at it’s best. There was plenty of support from under the 250-year old oak trees from those who had gathered from all corners of this farming region. Kingswoodians from different eras shared stories, some a bit embellished, from their years at Kingswood which elicited roars of laughter that echoed up the valley as well as the odd “great shot boet” from those watching cricket from Castle corner!

Old Kingswoodian Keith Morgan and his wife Karen ran the pub and prepared a superb meal that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. During the lunch break on of our Senior Heads Tracy van Molendorff welcomed those present and thanked them for travelling considerable distances to attend this Kingswood family day. She also thanked Hugh and Marcelle Anslie for allowing us to use this amazing facility on their farm – in fact she stated that Kingswood would be back.

At the conclusion of the cricket match Kingswood’s high performance cricket coaches Murray Ranger and Andrew Birch took the opportunity to share their vision for Kingswood’s cricket. This left all those present in no doubt that there was a bright future for Kingswood’s cricket and I have no doubt that the word has spread amongst prospective parents.

All too soon the day came to an end and what a superb outing it was. I am certain that, as mentioned by Tracy, Kingswood will be back at The Mill in the not too distant future.