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“One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life, and there is nothing better”

Blaise Pascal

Monday, 4 October 2021 at 19h00 | ZOOM session

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Discover Who You Are

Presenter: Isabella de Bruyn (Kingswood College Masambe Bridging Year Pupil)

Motivation, determination and drive does not only come from friends, family and the things around you. It is something that begins from within. Often we are so busy trying to find our “why” and our “purpose” from external sources, rather than looking inwardly and discovering your own strengths to drive you forward. As someone who battles with anxiety and overthinking, it has at times been hard to keep my eye on the bigger picture. With all the outside influences and noise around me, it has been a struggle to find something to help me stay focused, committed and determined to pursue my end goals.

“The keys to your success comes from YOURSELF”

Nick Fewings

Key take-aways:

Each of us has goals and need the determination and the drive to get there. Some of us may struggle to find the ‘drive’ we need in order to succeed. The purpose of this talk is to help people realise that we all have that drive, desire and sense of purpose inside of us. We do not need to always look toward external sources to help us find out who and what we are.

About the speaker:

Isabella de Bruyn matriculated from Kingswood College in 2020 and joined our Masambe Bridging Year Programme in 2021. A talented sportswoman and people’s person – this is Izzy de Bruyn. It would be hard to imagine just by looking at her that she has dealt with anxiety, over-thinking and self-doubt for many years. Izzy has been on a journey of self-discovery and has come to find that you are not defined by the people around you, and that they cannot determine who you are. She has worked hard to find ways in which to find her strength and purpose. Finding things that make you happy and that you are passionate about are imperative in discovering who and what you can be. She has spent time focusing on herself, her happiness and achieving her goals. On this journey she has drawn from her strong spiritual connection, her passion for animals and working towards finding her self-confidence.

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