One person who is almost synonymous with The Wyvern itself, is Ms Cornelia Sandi. 35 years ago, in 1986, Ms Sandi began her Kingswood journey when she was hired by Mr and Mrs Tommy and Kay Hartzenberg, who, at the time were the managers of The Wyvern. From the very beginning, Ms Sandi began to weave herself into the lives and fabric of the Kingswood family.

She is the epitome of grace. She is hard-working. She is dedicated and more than anything she is loyal.

She has the ability to foresee and anticipate many of her tasks well before she is asked, a true sign of someone who has stood the test of time and one who has been part of the Kingswood family for so long.

Our current Wyvern Managers, Ingrid and Mike Moss had the following to say: “Cornelia’s loyalty, sense of duty and attention to detail is hard to find. She will be sorely missed”.

We also caught up with a number of our previous Wyvern Managers to get their take on Cornelia:

“Cornelia loves Kingswood. She is loyal, committed and passionate. Don’t let Kingswood lose a rugby match with Cornelia and Mable watching- they get very upset!” – Dee & Carey Hobson

Cornelia will always be remembered by us for her willingness, her pretty smile and her passionate support for Brett around the rugby field and her love for Pippa.” – Jenny & Roger Wilkinson

“Cornelia, thank you for your cheerful, caring and willing nature, it was always a pleasure working with you at The Wyvern” – Penny & Sid Fitzhenry

“Tommy and I were always so pleased to see Cornelia each time we returned to The Wyvern as she always welcomed us with such a big smile and seemed really pleased to see us” – Kay Hartzenburg

“Cornelia’s stiffest challenge yet was looking after Christopher Savage as a toddler racing down steep slopes on his little black plastic “stoed-dut”” – Judy Savage (daughter of Kay and Tommy Hartzenburg)

“Cors is a well-loved member of the Wyvern family. Always on time and happy to go the extra mile. We wish this very special person a happy retirement. With all our love” – Pam Hare

Cornelia will forever be part of our Kingswood family. She has left an indelible mark on The Wyvern and the many people she has worked and interacted with. We wish her all the best with her very well-deserved retirement.