The prizes awarded at Awards Ceremonies that are held each term form part of the formal recognition of pupil achievement at Kingswood College. This award was awarded on the 8th of February 2021 at the Academic Awards Ceremony and reflects the results from the 2020 Third Term.

Academic Honours can only be achieved during the examination terms of Grade 11 and 12 and a total of 580 marks (an 83% mark average) must be achieved. This is a phenomenal achievement and we would like to congratulate Adam on getting his Honours Award for Academics.

Adam is a diligent young man who shows great tenacity towards all aspects of his academic journey at Kingswood College.  He thrives on the challenges of the academic sphere and perseveres until he finds solutions to problems presented to him.  He is continuously striving to improve further in his learning and experiences.

Adam has a creative and understated intelligence, which he uses to cut straight to the heart of any matter.  His understated, considered approach is balanced by his insightful and witty remarks during class discussions.  His every academic contribution speaks to his exceptionally accurate insight and clear way of expressing ideas.  During written assessments, Adam creatively wields an economic use of language and produces a written product that is both original and clever.

Adam’s high level of academic achievement shows that he regularly has a deep understanding of material.  This understanding is born from Adam’s naturally inquisitive nature and his insight into how concepts work together to form a whole.  Adam reaches his academic goals through grit, diligence, and sheer determination.  He does not allow his incredible results to turn him aloof or overly competitive – rather, he remains a delightful and well-mannered young man in every sphere of his life.