“…Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have…”

At the Moonlit Market held recently, our Grade 7s had the opportunity to become small business owners for the evening: producing and selling their products.

One group, the “Glow Bunnies” made up of Holly Elliott, Aeryn Putzier and Hayley van der Meulen decided to also sell raffle tickets as part of their stall.
The group felt that during their learning component in the classroom they had observed that many successful businesses use social responsibility as a way to give back to society.

For these three Kingswoodians, the Kingswood Chapel is very close to their hearts.

They decided that all proceeds raised from the raffle would go to the Kingswood Chapel. In a speech at assembly earlier this week they said: “Rev, you have made an impact on each and every one of us. Your many teachings and lessons have shown us that knowing how to practise gratitude, kindness and generosity will be our truest test of character”.

2022 also marks the 60th anniversary of our Memorial Chapel.

Thank you to these girls for your hard work and generous donation of R6700.00.

Well done!

Some background on the Moonlit Market

After a two year hiatus due to Covid-19 , our annual Kingswood Junior Parents Association Moonlit Market took place on City Lords.

Despite the wet and chilly weather, the ever-present ‘KC Gees’ was out in full force! We have so missed this annual event which is truly one of the highlights on our school calendar. It was wonderful to see everyone having fun and the vibe and atmosphere was palpable.

As part of this fundraising venture, our Grade 7s also take part in the market as part of their curriculum. They have to come up with a business idea, plan, create and execute their sellable goods. These goods or activities are then sold at the Market