Forty five very excited grade sixes and sevens climbed into a big bus and made their way to Assegaai Trails this past weekend for the very first camp of its kind.

Rev Tim and a team of senior pupils facilitated the weekend. The theme was Building Bridges, looking at the importance of friendships, making Jesus the centre of one’s life, and ways to strengthen relationships.

They also learnt how to resolve conflict with others. How you love others is how you love God.

A highlight for many was the worship on Saturday evening and the opportunity to be quiet by themselves on Sunday morning.

They played volleyball, ladder ball, corn hole toss, foosball, table tennis as well as a number of games and activities organised by the leaders. Despite the rain and the cooler weather, and number of boys also decided to swim!

Ms Jacqui van der Westhuizen, the matron at Van Vuuren Village, was the Chef and made sure that everybody was well-fed!

Rev Tim would like to thank our parents for their support, Ms van der Westhuizen for the catering, and Skye, Leah, Emke, Faith, Jonny, Stephen and Matthew for serving as leaders on this camp. We trust that God used this weekend to impact many lives.