In support of the Knysna Chukka Festival, Kingswoodians got together at the Knysna Yacht Club for dinner.

The Kingswood U13 A girls water polo team took part in the Knysna Chukka Festival and this provided us with the perfect opportunity to arrange a Kingswood Club get-together at the Knysna Yacht Club. The water polo took place at the waterfront right next to the Yacht Club which was so convenient for supporters. A large group of about 60 Kingswoodians gathered on the deck to enjoy sundowners in the magical setting after which we had dinner in the clubhouse.

It was great to bump into Theo (aka Doris) Oosthuyzen at the yacht club. He spends much of his life sailing around the world – in fact he was in Knysna doing maintenance on his yacht (seen in the background of the photo). Some of us will recall that Doris was a member of the unbeaten 1976 1st XV.

Another interesting fact was that there were 5 past Kingswood Head Prefects present in Knysna – Richard Fincham, Chris Hobson, Debbie Young, Greg Brown and Keith Turner which is quite unique.

Past Head Prefects: Debbie Young (OK 1987), Chris Hobson (OK 1990), Greg Brown (OK 1994), Leon Grove (College Head) and Keith Turner (OK 1980). Absent: Richard Fincham (OK 1996)