We congratulate our Kingswood Boys Tennis team on winning the 2023 Knowling Tennis Shield recently.

The players who competed in the two rounds:

  1. Matthew Collett
  2. Matthew Loon
  3. Stephen Aylesbury
  4. Mathew Spring
  5. Jaryd Botha
  6. Franco Klopper
  7. James Hobson
  8. Mathew Paxton
  9. Luke Miles
  10. Baelien Hubert

After initially struggling against both of their competitors earlier in the year, it is clear that the boys have learned from the experience and put it to practice in a tightly contested Knowling Shield.

The tournament constitutes 2 singles matches, and 3 doubles matches involving all 8 1st Team players. Each match is a 3-set match testing the skill and endurance of each player.

The first round was played on the 30th of January between Kingswood and St Andrew’s College. It was a tightly contested affair with both Kingswood and St Andrew’s taking on of the singles matches.

With both Kingswood and St Andrew’s having taken doubles match each it came down to the final doubles encounter. It was a tight and draining match that went into 3 sets, finally taken by Kingswood giving us 3 matches to 2 wins over St Andrew’s.

Our second and final round against Graeme College was played today, 13th February. The boys knew that a win against Graeme College would lead to the trophy since the result between St Andrew’s and Graeme at an earlier date was 3 matches to 2 wins for St Andrew’s.

It was a tight contest in all the matches, but the boys handled the pressure superbly taking the round by 4 matches to 1 and winning the Knowling Shield for 2023.

A massive congratulations to all the players involved in the two rounds.